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Math Shape  Monsters
This lesson focused on using geometric math shapes.  The students drew math shapes in an arrangement to create people, animals, insects, or make believe creatures.  The positive and negative space of the picture was filled in with color showing texture rubbings.
Vocabulary: geometric shapes, texture rubbings, positive and negative space.

3-D Bug Village  With this lesson the children learned how to create a 3-D box as well as two types of pop-out techniques such as a fan fold and tube. The focus was insects.  The children made three scientific drawings of insects, colored them and cut them out.  The insects were then attached to a pop out so as to have depth in their shadow box.  Using one's imagination was encouraged for the remaining part of the lesson.  Some children had their insects living in outer space, while other children had them living in the pantry, on the swings, and more! 
Vocabulary: pop out, 3-Dimensional, scientific drawing, contrast, gluing tab.


Nature Weavings
    The students first learned about the importance of weaving with native Americans.  They also learned the difference between warp and weft which helped for when they created their own weaving.  Fabric, yarn and items from nature such as dried flowers and sticks were woven in as well as treasures brought from home. 
    No samples of work available

Dream Catchers
    The students learned about dream catchers and what purpose they served with the Native Americans.  The students learned how to poke and cut a hole from the middle of paper, then cut notches and wrapped their "web".   Feathers and other treasures were glued on for added decoration.