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Paper Weaving/ Windsocks
Students reviewed the over/ under process to create a paper weaving. They also built up three layers of strips, each a smaller size than the previous one to create the feeling of texture. Some weavings were kept flat while others were turned into a 3-D windsock. 
Vocabulary: over/under, warp, weft, whole, half, quarters, 2-D, 3-D 
Self Portrait Stick Puppets
 The children reviewed techniques for drawing a realistic face. The focus of this lesson was to draw a self-portrait, blending accurate skin tones, eye  and hair tones.
Vocabulary: Self portrait, realism, abstract, cubism, Pablo Picasso, coloring hard and soft to create a contrast, blending colors.


Clay Pockets
The students learned how to flatten clay into thin pancakes, score two layers of clay together, and use a bunched up paper towel to help clay keep its shape. The pockets became a sculpture for a wall hanging. 
Vocabulary: slabs, scoring, slip, texture, glaze

Mobiles/ Stabiles
 The students learned about the art and life of Alexander Calder, who created stabiles and mobiles  As a follow-up, the students made their own mobile with a focus on balancing single and multiple layers.  
Vocabulary: Calder, 3-D, mobile, stabile, free movement, sculpture, space, form
Preparing for art show
The students selected a picture for their Spring Art Show. The criteria for this was to choose a picture that represented either their best work or a favorite picture. The piece was framed, titled, and made presentable for display. A student reflection was included with the art work. All other art work has gone home.  The art show picture will go home on the last day of art class.
Vocabulary: Good quality craftsmanship, framing and titling a picture