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Pinch pot bells
   The students reviewed the pinch pot technique then poked two holes on the top and hung a "clanger" to create sound.  The students made predictions about what tones their bells would make based on the size, shape, thickness of bell and clanger.

    Vocabulary: green ware, bisque ware, glaze,

Samples of student work not available at this time

Positive/Negative cards
    The  students brainstormed shapes that were symmetrical, then used those ideas to create positive/negative cards by cutting half of a symmetrical shape and turning it over to the opposite side.
    Vocabulary: geometric/organic shapes, symmetrical shapes

Samples of student work not available at this time

Northern Lights Tempera Paintings
    This was a painting lesson where the students first reviewed the process of mixing secondary colors.  The students also reviewed how to splatter paint with a toothbrush as a tool.  Toothbrushes were used to create the speckled look of the Northern Lights. Oil pastels were used to color in the students' Inua, or arctic animal spirit .  
    Vocabulary: primary/secondary colors, proper handling of toothbrush, blending oil pastel colors, Arctic animals, Northern Lights.


Jackson Pollock Abstract Expressionism
    The children learned about the life and art of artist Jackson Pollock, then continued their color mixing unit by using string to create a painted deign.Although this was a non-objective painting, a realistic title was given to the finished work.
    Vocabulary:  Non-objective, realism.

Tempera Painting of Noun (Person, Place, Thing)
    Students continued to explore the principles of color mixing by painting a Real picture. The students were given the task of painting a Noun(person, place, thing). The techniques of dry brush and wet blend were reviewed.
    Vocabulary: painting a noun, mixing secondary colors, dry brush, wet blend


Gesture Drawing /Contour Drawing
        This figure drawing lesson was a fun way for the children to draw figures in motion. We drew a variety of action poses in gesture form (scribbles of ovals) such as running, leaping, throwing a ball, and sitting.  The students traced their favorite gesture and turned it into a contour drawing, a more finished outline picture.  Both styles were displayed on paper.
Vocabulary: gesture, figures in motion, action words/ verbs