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Helping Hands The Third graders brainstormed ideas of what "caring", "fairness", "respect" and "citizenship" meant to them in school.  After they traced and cut a hand shape, they wrote a core value message on it, then decorated it.  These hands were arranged and glued down with other hands from their class. The posters were hung in the halls so that second graders could learn about our Core Values in our school.

Concentric Name Designs: The students drew a variety of shapes: geometric, organic and those of recognizable objects.  They practiced the art style of concentric lines by repeating a given shape many times, going from small to large.  The children chose a shape that excited them the most, enlarged it, and added color using one of the four color groups.
Vocabulary: concentric line, math shapes, organic and object shapes, warm, cool, primary and secondary colors.


Garden Collage
    The school garden was the inspiration for this lesson. The students drew pictures of vegetables and plant life that grow in our Maine gardens.  Color and texture was created by filling in the positive space with tissue paper and watered down glue as in a collage style.  The negative space was filled in with a contrasting color.  
Vocabulary/ criteria: On location drawing rather than drawing from memory, enlarging a picture, collage technique, positive/ negative space, contrasting colors.


Yarmouth Village: This lesson tied in with the 3rd grade unit on communities.  We first explored different styles of texture used with architecture.  Then the students brainstormed the different styles of buildings found in Yarmouth. The students sketched of a building in town then re-created that shape in a 3-D pop out form. When all put together, the class formed a pop out Yarmouth Village.
Vocabulary: Yarmouth as a community, foreground-background, overlapping, horizon line, blending colors, tabs, texture, 3 dimensional


Coil Pots We reviewed the clay process and learned the technique of making coils. We discussed the history of pottery in Yarmouth during the 1700 and 1800s.
Vocabulary: clay, coils, slip/water, green ware, bisque ware, glaze, kiln-1800 degrees