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Mondrian Designs

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Burlap stitchery
        The children reviewed the process of sewing and stitchery, and was introduced to a variety of stitches.  They planned their picture ton paper first hen created it on burlap.  The children also reviewed the use of using an embroidery hoop and how to thread a needle.  
Vocabulary embroidery hoop, thread a needle, running stitch, cross stitch, satin stitch.


Clay Tile Wall Hangings
        This clay lesson introduced the students to using rollers and rulers to roll out clay for the thickness of a tile. The students also reviewed how to make low relief and texture on their tile as well as the proper use of water and slip when used with clay.
Vocabulary: Low relief, texture, slip, water, rolling pins, greenware, bisque ware, glaze

Still Life Drawings
        The students used the drawing of a still life to review overlapping and creating distance. They also learned  techniques for using guidelines when drawing different shaped objects.  Watercolor painting techniques were reviewed as well as the use of complimentary colors for shadows. 
Vocabulary: Foreground, middle ground, background, overlapping.

Optical Illusions
The students learned about the art form of optical illusions and how changing size gradually helps to create a design that confuses the eye. 

Preparing for art show
        The students selected a picture for their “End of the Year” Art Show. The criteria for this was to choose a picture that represented either their best work or a favorite picture. The piece was framed, titled, and made presentable for display. A student reflection was included with the art work.
Vocabulary: Good quality craftsmanship, framing and titling a picture

Optical Illusions
        The students were introduced to the concept of optical illusions where the design confuses the eye and appears to move because of change in size or color.  It was also a lesson where ruler skills were reviewed since this was a mechanical drawing.
Vocabulary: optical illusion, proper use of ruler, coloring in a checkerboard pattern