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Self Portrait Collage
       This lesson was a joint effort between art class and Mrs. Clark, the Librarian.  In Art class the students made a self- portrait collage,  then during Library time the students worked on a book jacket to go along with their self portrait.
        Vocabulary and techniques: Self portrait,  review of drawing and placement of eyes/ nose/ mouth/ hair style, collage technique, use of glue.

Clay Effigy Jugs
        The students learned about the history of effigy jugs which originated from the  slaves living on Southern plantations in the early 1800s. This lesson was an extension of Black History Month.  The students also learned how to create a 1 piece slab to create a cylinder.  The students then worked on the cylinder to create faces of either humans, monsters or animals that resembled the original effigy jugs showing eyes, nose, mouth and ears. Glazing was the final step
        Vocabulary: effigy jugs, Southern slaves, green ware, bisque ware, glaze.

    The students worked with different styles of cartooning which included creating characters with word prompts ( water/ skeleton, queen/eye, ear/ train,)  just to mention a few, as well as  flip books and dialogue boxes. 

Still life drawings
    The students continued with their knowledge about shading 3-D forms by shading a still life drawing.  The students had a choice of using Ebony pencil, pencil, charcoal pencil or charcoal stick. 
    Vocabulary: Overlapping, guidelines, foreground, background, light source, shadows

Preparing for art show
         The students selected a picture for the Spring Art Show. The criteria for this was to choose a picture that represented either their best work or their favorite picture. The piece was framed, titled, and made presentable for display. The students also wrote a reflection    about their art.
          Vocabulary: Good quality craftsmanship, and preparing a picture for display.

Optical Illusions
    The students review a variety of ways in which to create optical illusions where the lines change size gradually and confuse the eyes.

Last day of Art
        On this day the children are treated to an art movie that highlights drawing techniques that they learned during the year involving perspective and shading to create more realistic looking objects.