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Season's Greetings by 4th grade students.
Free choice clay.  Samples of class pottery not available.  Enjoy it when it comes home!

1 Point Perspective
    The students learned how to draw 2-D shapes to a vanishing point to create 3-D forms. They also added shadows and highlights to the forms to make them appear more real.  The students took this step further and created realistic pencil drawings using shadows, highlights and 3-D forms.
    Vocabulary: vanishing point, converging lines, 3-dimensional forms, highlights, shadows, cubes, pyramids, cylinders, cones

Drawing with shadows and highlights
    The students put their knowledge of shadows, highlights and perspective into one final lesson.  The made a free choice drawing, then gave the picture highlights and shadows, giving it a more realistic look, while creating depth.  Some children did a follow-up activity of creating with pen and ink. 
    Vocabulary: Shadows, highlights, light source, drawing 3-D