Visit These Art Museums

Portland Museum of Art

Museum of Modern Art- Destination-Modern Art.  Interactive cartoon site.  Check it out

National Gallery of Art-Kid's Zone You may need Shock Wave installed on your computer 

These web sites are geared more towards adults supervising children. This Google site provides you with the opportunity to explore museums around the world. You can zoom in and see details giving you a pretty close feeling of being there. The Visitor Guide helps you get started and has a section with questions and answers. There are 17 museums included so far. 

 Click here for And you can see a YouTube on the project as well by clicking here:

Art Smart-Frost Gallery activities for children. You will need to click the arrows to turn the pages
Florida International University Art Gallery

J. Paul Getty Children's Museum Site- Offers a variety of children's activities
. Requires parent's assistance and a log-in process to take part in art activities
J. Paul Getty Museum

Art Institute of Chicago- Children's Pages.  Enjoy these interactive sites
Art Institute of Chicago